Mdina 2015 Edition
Sunday, 10 May 2015 21:20

Fresh from the Zone 4.3 Chess Championship, attention shifts to the ever competitive Mdina sponsored tournament in Blantyre at Victoria Hotel. MK250,000 is up for grab in the open section with MK100,000 dungled for the ladies section.

Who will lift the trophy? Peter Jayloss is the defending champion after proving he was a hard nut to crack in Mzuzu. It is expected to be a tough tournament with all the wounded buffaloes from the Zone 4.3 tournament expected to limp to Blantyre headed by Finisher Alfred Chimthere.

Razorblade, who has not featured on National scene for a long time is expected to be the strongest contender along with FM Gerrad Mphungu.

Eyes are in Blantyre now as we want to witness the Mdina tournament sponsored by Mdina Business Solutions, a Malawian owned business based in RSA. The event runs from 15th to 17th May 2015.

by theodore

2015 Zone 4.3 Chess in Blantyre
Sunday, 10 May 2015 21:16
2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships Print
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 11:29

The Chess Association of Malawi hosted the 2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships from April 17th to 26th in Blantyre, Malawi. 36 players of 7 countries were present for the event.


In the Open section, 22 players from Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe competed for the International Master title and the qualification to the 2015 World cup, the winner was the Zambian FM PHIRI Richmond with an impressive 8.5 pts over 9 rounds, full results.


12 ladies played in the women section, the winner was the WIM from Botswana MUDONGO Boikhutso with 8.5pts over 9, full results.


More pictures here.

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Monday, 23 February 2015 21:35

2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships


April 17 – April 26, 2015

Shire Highlands Hotel, Blantyre, Malawi

Dear Friends, Under the auspices of the African Chess Confederation, the Chess Association of Malawi has the honour of inviting Zone 4.3 Federations affiliated to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and in good standing, to participate in the 2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships.

1. 2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships

The Chess Association of Malawi has the honour of inviting all chess federations in Zone 4.3 that are affiliated to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to participate in the 2015 Zone 4.3 Individual Chess Championships.
The event will comprise an Open Section and a Women’s section.
The Championships will be held from 17th April (arrival) to 26th April 2015 (departure) at Shire Highlands Hotel in the Central Business District (CBD) of Limbe (Blantyre) in Malawi.

2. Participants

In accordance with FIDE regulations, the Zone 4.3 Individual Championships are open to all players from federations within the Zone 4.3 region which are affiliated to FIDE and in good standing.
Federations will be allowed to enter a maximum of five (5) players in each category.
The host federation reserves the right to field up to seven (7) players in each category and also hold a player in reserve; that can be registered in the event that there are an odd number of participants.
Subject to agreement with the organizers, the Continental President may allow additional participants for the tournament.

3. Tournament Regulations

It is intended that the Championships will be played in accordance with FIDE regulations as a 9 Round Swiss System tournament.
Time control will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one (1).
The games will be played using DGT clocks; and pairing will be published on www.chess-results.com
Swiss Manager will be used for the Championship, and players from the same Federation will not be paired together in the last round.
Draw offers are not allowed before Black’s 30th move.

4. Tie-Break

In case of a tie for the overall winner or other places, the tie will be broken as follows:
    a) By the results between the players involved in the tie
    b) Buchholz, the highest number wins;
    c) Number of wins, the highest number wins;
    d) Number of wins by black, the highest wins
    e) The highest rating

5. Title Awards

The winner in the Open Section will be awarded International Master (IM) title whilst the winner in the Women’s Section will be awarded the Woman International Master (WIM) title.
Other titles will be awarded in accordance with FIDE title requirements.

6. Cash Prizes

The Prize structure for the Open Section will be as follows:
   1st Prize:           US$ 1,350
   2nd Prize:          US$ 1,000
   3rd Prize:          US$ 750
   4th Prize:          US$ 500

The Prize Structure for the Women Category will be as follows:
   1st Prize:          US$ 750
   2nd Prize:         US$ 500
   3rd Prize:         US$ 350

7. Qualification for 2015 FIDE World Cup

The 2015 Zone 4.3 Championship is a qualification event for the 2015 FIDE World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The winners in the Open Section will qualify for the 2015 FIDE World Cup.

8. Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule is as follows but subject to some changes if need be. However any change to the schedule will be communicated during the Technical Meeting before the start of 1st round.
Table 1: Schedule of Tournament

Dates                               Time                             Activities
17th April, Friday                                                  Arrival
17th April, Friday              18.00hrs                        Opening Ceremony
18th April, Saturday          10:00 – 11:00                Technical Meeting
                                      14:00 hrs                       Round 1
19th April, Sunday            09:00 hrs                       Round 2
                                      17.00 hrs                       Round 3
20th April , Monday           09:00 hrs                      Round 4
                                      17.00 hrs                       Round 5
21st April , Tuesday          09:00 hrs                      Round 6
22nd April, Wednesday     ALL DAY                         Free Day
23rd April, Thursday         14:00 hrs                      Round 7
24th April, Friday              14:00 hrs                      Round 8
25th April, Saturday          09:00 hrs                      Round 9
                                      16:00 hrs                      Award and Closing ceremony
26th April, Sunday                                               Departure

9. Chief Arbiter & Appeals Committee

The Chief Arbiter for the 2015 Zone 4.3 Chess Championships will be appointed by the African Chess Confederation President, Mr. Lewis Ncube.
The Appeals Committee will consist of 3 members and 2 reserves chosen from among the participating Federations.
Appeals should be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter within two hours (2 hours) after the end of the round in question, with a US $100 deposit. The deposit is refundable, if the appeal is successful
10. Board and Lodging

All players, officials and accompanying persons from participating federations will lodge at Shire Highlands Hotel at Euros 50 per person per day (sharing) or Euros 65 per person per day (single room).
This cost includes 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and supper).
All payments related to board and lodging must be effected before the 1st April 2015, which will be the deadline for confirmations, or upon arrival (after confirming with the organizers).
Players, officials and accompanying persons who arrive before the 17th April 2015 or depart after 26th April 2015 will be expected to arrange their own accommodation for the extra days or pay for the additional days at the tournament lodging venue, Shire Highlands Hotel.
Participating Federations will receive free board and lodging for one player in each category.
Important note: all payments must be made to the account of the Chess Association of Malawi as indicated in item 14, Bank Details or upon arrival subject to a specific request to the Organizers.
If payments are not received before the start of the competition, players will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

11. FIDE Fees

In accordance with FIDE regulations both official players and additional players shall be required to pay FIDE fees of €70 per player.
One player in the Women Category and one in the Open category from each federation will be recognized as official players while all others will be additional players.
Fees must be paid into Chess Association of Malawi Account by 1st April 2015.

12. Accreditation

Each federation shall send names together with Passport size photos for all their Players, Officials and Accompanying persons by 1st April 2015

13. Registration Fees:

The Registration Fee for each participating player is 100 Euros and must be paid into the Chess Association of Malawi account before 1st April 2015.
Payments may also be made upon arrival, provided a request is made to the Organizers.
Players whose Fees remain unpaid at the start of the Technical Meeting will not be allowed to participate to the tournament.
Please note: Only Federations can register players.
The Registration Fee for each official and each accompanying person will be 100 Euros.
No refunds will be made for any player, official or accompanying person who fails to make it to the Tournament after paying registration or FIDE fees.

Registration detailss for entries are appended herein; Federation officials must fill them in and return them to the designated Chess Association of Malawi officials on or before 1st April 2015 by e-mail to confirm entry.
All registered players, officials and accompanying persons are entitled to:-
   1. Free Transfer (to and from) Chileka International Airport and Wenela Bus Terminus on arrival and departure.
   2. Shuttle to various places in the city depending on the Shuttle schedule.

14. Bank Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Lilongwe
Account Name: Chess Association of Malawi
Account number: 0140 0067337 00
Account type: Current (Cheque)
Swift Code: SBICMWMX

15. Local Currency

The Local Currency is the Malawian Kwacha (MWK). About 435 Malawian Kwacha (MWK) is equivalent to 1 (One) United States Dollar (US$)

16. Travel Arrangements

There are two International Airports in Malawi, but you need to fly to Chileka International Airport.
Chileka Intl Airport is 30Km away from Limbe, the venue of the tournament
The following flights fly to Chileka on most days of the week including 17th and 26th April 2015:
Malawian Airlines,
South African Airlines,
Ethiopian Airlines and
Kenya Airways.

All traveling arrangements and costs to and from Chileka International Airport are to be taken care of by respective Federations or respective players participating in the tournament.
Organizers will meet participants and accompanying persons at Chileka International Airport provided that full itinerary for each participant and their accompanying persons are communicated to the organizer in advance, (not later than 1st April 2015).

17. Visas

17.1 Players, Officials and Accompanying persons from the following countries will need entry visas into Malawi:
          1. Angola
          2. Democratic Republic of Congo and
          3. The Comoros Islands

17.2 For delegations coming from countries requiring entry visas into Malawi, these can be obtained from Malawian Embassies or consulate offices in your country.
we will issue an official invitation for delegations requiring the same for Visa processing. In some cases Visas may be obtained at the border of entry into Malawi but you will still need invitation letters.
For any problems please contact us at the following contact details: Chess Association of Malawi Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

18. Deadline Date

Entry forms must be filled by the respective Federation and returned to the host federation not later than 1st April 2015.
This date is the registration deadline.
Late registration attracts a penalty charge of 50 Euros.
The host Federation will thereafter reserve the rights to accept or reject any player who wants to register later than the official deadline date
Players who arrive unannounced or later than 17th April 2015 will cover all their costs.

19. Organizers Contacts

Chief Organizer:
Eng. Kezzie Msukwa
Phone: +265 999 951 590/ 888 951 590)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Technical Director:
Eng. Mark Chikoko
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Cell: +265 (0)8888 30266/ (0)9942 92343
Organizing Committee Chairperson
Susan Namangale
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Cell: +265 (0)9999 51477/ (0)8848 49321

20. Zone 4.3 Countries
Comoros Islands
Democratic Republic of Congo
South Africa

We look forward to hosting all of you in our beautiful commercial city, Blantyre for a feast of exciting chess games.

Yours Sincerely,

Kezzie Msukwa

Registration Details – Open Category

Name of Federation: ………………………….

Registration Details – Women Category

Name of Federation:……………………………………………….


Name of Federation Official: (President or Secretary) ………………………………….. Signature: …………………………………. Date: ……………………………………………

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (To be filled by Host Federation)

I …………………………… have verified that the Federation of ………………..is not in arrears with FIDE as published. Date checked: ……………April 2015. Signature:………………………

National Zone 4.3 Qualifiers
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 19:38

ZONAL 2015  QUALIFIERS (Open & Women)

Dates: 28 February – 2 March 2015

Venue: Blantyre, Malawi

Dear Chess Friends

The Chess association of Malawi will host the 2015 Zone 4.3 Chess Championship in the metropolitan city of Blantyre from 17th April to 26th April 2015.  Apart from the prize fund and all titles that will be awarded at this tournament, winners will have qualified to play at the world cup 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. This is therefore a rare opportunity that you qualified to be part of the competitors to the World Cup.
1. Zonal Qualifiers (Open & Women) Invitation

The Chess Association of Malawi, therefore, has the honor to invite all chess Players that qualified from the Central, Northern and Southern Chess Leagues, all invited active rated players and all players nominated to participate in the 2015 Zone 4.3 Qualifiers (Open and Women) to be held in Blantyre from 28 February to 2nd March 2015.
2. Playing Venue

The tournament will be held at Limbe Country Club in Blantyre.
3. Accommodation

Accommodation will be on the account of individual players.
4. Participants

4.1    Participants that qualified  in the Open Section are as follows::

  1. Wilson Chingati  - NCL
  2. Soko Seko - NCL
  3. Mwagomba Fishani- NCL
  4. Chitedze Laymond – NCL
  5. Tembo Artwell - NCL
  6. Khama Chindole – CCL
  7. Mwale George – CCL
  8. Misheck Nyirenda – CCL
  9. Lambiki Mathews – CCL
  10. Mawango Davie – CCL
  11. Kamwendo Precious– SCL
  12. Mkamanga Rumbani– SCL
  13. Kamowa James– SCL
  14. Jimu Fidelis- SCL
  15. Chiwaya Charles - SCL
  16. Kaunda Kajani – SCL


4.2    Participants that are active rated and/or titled and invited are:


  1. FM Gerrad Mphungu
  2. CM Chiletso Chipanga
  3. Chimthere Alfred
  4. CM Mbedza Richard
  5. CM Chalemba Joseph
  6. Mfune Petros
  7. Khuphwathea Paul
  8. Banda Francis
  9. Jere Newton
  10. Kanyinji Overton
  11. Chiwambo Stansford
  12. Mhango Adrian
  13. Kaonga Emmanuel
  14. Kalua Emmanuel
  15. Jayloss Peter
  16. Mwanza Moses
  17. Mkandawire Moses
  18. Mhango Kelusi


4.3  Women’s Category shall have the following players that qualified from the Leagues

  1. Annie Simwaba – NCL
  2. Oprah Phiri – NCL
  3. Mabvumbe Madalitso – NCL
  4. Banda Emma – NCL
  5. Mwenebanda Jenniffer – NCL
  6. Daisy Nkhoma – CCL
  7. Mapesa Tamanda – CCL
  8. ChihanaPatricia – SCL
  9. Mhango Tumpale– SCL
  10. Mwale Ndaonga - SCL
  11. Mugawa Faith - SCL
  12. Kuluwemba Reggina - SCL 
  13. Mpinganjira Ellen - SCL

4.4  Rated and Titled Women

  1. Msukwa Tupokiwe
  2. Ngugama Magret
  3. Mbewe Ulemu
  4. Msiska Royce
  5. Chazemba Lucy
  6. WCM Linda Jambo

4.5  Presidential Nominees (Open Category):
        Richard Chiona
        Rumbani Banda
        Wasoka Chirwa

4.6 Registration forms for participants are attached herein. All registration forms must be filled and forwarded by the players to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it not later than 25 February 2015. This will allow the arbiter to pair players on time as games will have to start on schedule.
 5 System and rate of play

5.1   The Championship will be played in accordance with FIDE regulations on a 9 round Swiss System.

5.2   Time control will be 90 minutes for all moves with 30 seconds added on every move from move 1.

5.3    The games will be played using DGT clocks, with all pairings and results published on www.chess-results.com

5.4   The Swiss manager software will be used for managing the Championships

5.5   Draw offers shall not be allowed before Black’s 30th move.

5.6   All games shall be recorded by the players.

5.7   Cellphones and electronic devices will not be allowed into the playing venue in line with FIDE rules currently in operation.

5.8   Alcohol consumption is not allowed but smoking will be allowed except that Smoking may only be done outside the playing Hall.
6.  Tie Breaks

In an event of a tie for the over-all winner or other places, the tie will be broken as follows:

  1. Player with highest wins
  2. Direct encounter
  3. Sonneborn-Berger system

7. Awards
7.1  Winners in each category will have qualified to participate at the 2015 Zone 4.3 Championship

7.2 Winners in each section shall be awarded cash prizes that shall also be extended to their runners up. (Details will be announced before start of rnd 1)

7.3 The Tournament results will be submitted to FIDE for rating.

 8.Tournament Schedule

Games shall be played according to the following tournament schedule. Should there be an inevitable change in this schedule, those changes will be communicated during the technical meeting before the start of Round 1.


DATE:                                                                    TIME:                                                    ACTIVITY:


28.02.2015                                                          08.00 Hrs                                              Technical Meeting

28.02.2015                                                                                                                          Opening Ceremony


28.02.2015                                                          08:30 Hrs                                              Round1

28.02.2015                                                          12:30 Hrs                                              Round 2

28.02.2015                                                          16.30 Hrs                                              Round 3


01.03.2015                                                          08:00 Hrs                                              Round 4

01.03.2015                                                          12:00 Hrs                                              Round 5

01.03.2015                                                          16:00 Hrs                                              Round 6


02.03.2015                                                          08.00 Hrs                                              Round 7

02.03.2015                                                          12.00 Hrs                                              Round 8

02.03.2015                                                          16.00 Hrs                                              Round 9

9.0 Chief Arbiter and Appeals Committee

9.1 The Chief Arbiter for the National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifier will be FA Gilton Mkumbwa.

9.2 The Appeals committee will consist of three (3) members appointed by the President. Protests shall be handed to The Chief Arbiter within 15 minutes after a round with MK1500 deposit which shall be refunded only if the appeal is upheld

10.0 Board and Lodging

Chessam will provide light Lunch only on 28th February, 1st March and 2nd March. Accommodation shall be at the cost of individual players.

11.0 Registration Fees

11.1 Registration fee for each participating player shall be MK0.00 (zero)

12.0 Travel Arrangements

All travelling arrangements and cost of travel to and from Blantyre shall be borne by participating players.

13.0 Miscellaneous

A player who withdraws or does not play any round of the tournament after playing in round 1 without prior agreement with the Arbiter and organisers will have breached Chessam code of ethics and will be subjected to disciplinary action as led down in the Chessam statutes.



Kezzie Msukwa




LEAGUE: Southern Region Chess League   /Northern Region Chess League /Central Region Chess League


POSITION:……………………………………..                         CELL No. :………………………………………..










































































































CHAIRMAN’S SIGNATURE: ………………………………………………………………….. DATE: 2015/………/………….

The Juniors in Angola for 2014 championship
Monday, 01 December 2014 13:36

Adrian Mhango and Ulemu Mbewe a student at Katoto Secondary School left the country through KIA on 30th November 2014 to fly the Malawi flag at the African Junior Championship that is going to take place at AAA Hotel in LundaSul, Angola. Adrian and Ulemu emerged Junior champios of the 2014 National championship that was held in Lilongwe recently in the open and women's sections resepectively.

The duo are being led by their mentor, the Northern Region Chess League Chairman who was all praises for the team when they left for Angola. We want to wish the Juniors well. We could not pick more Juniors because of Financial constraints.

The championship will run from 01 December 2014 to 10th December 2014.

by: Theodore 

Rating of Players
Sunday, 30 November 2014 22:02

           FIDE ID          Player                         Oct-14              Nov-14             Dec-14
1         20500025       Nyambalo Joseph         2056                2056                 2082
2        16400046        Mwale Joseph              2023                2014                 2074
3        16400119       FM Mphungu Gerrad      2027                2041                 2031
4        20500220        Chipanga Chiletso        2043                2048                 2026
5       16400186         Chimthere Alfred         1979                2004                 2006
6       14305569        Mbedza Richard            2014                1989                 1989
7       16400143        Mwale Chuma               1957                1957                 1957
8       16400194        Mfune Petros                1958                1908                 1874
9       16400194        Khuphwathea Paul        1853                 1853                1841
10     16400127        Banda Francis              1798                 1841                 1841
11     16400135        Jere Newton                                                                 1770
12     20500041         Kanyinji Overton                                                         1714
13     20500459         Chiwambo Stansford                                                   1703
14    20500530         Gondwe Vitumbiko       1505               1505                   1523
15    20500319         Msukwa Tupokiwe        1327               1327                   1291
16    20500491         Msiska Royce              1242               1242                   1260

Are you progressing? Players ratings have been  moving down at a fast rate and that has put alot of pressure on Chessam and have therefore embarked on a regorous performance monitoring. The last three months results are as shown. It is too early to draw any conclusions. Save to say that so far three new players have been rated after two topurnaments that were held in Lilongwe. The newly rated are Chiwambo Stansford, Kanyinji Overton and Jere Newton. The president's vision is to create 100 new rated players by August 2015. by Theodore

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