Mfune, Nyambalo, Banda,mwale, rated,
Friday, 22 October 2010 07:47
The improvement of chess in Malawi can not be overemphasized basing on the FIDE rating list where we have seen three more players being rated taking the number of rated players to seven. Petros Mfune becomes the second strongest player resident in Malawi rated 2049 behind Chiletso Chipanga 2138. The others that have attained FIDE ratings include Joseph Nyambalo 1914 and Frances Banda rated 1858 and Chuma mwale. Alfred Chimthere,who had enjoyed the top spot for a while has dropped to forth in Malawi. His drop has largely been due to the loss he suffered at the hands of Mfune in a rated tournament in Mzuzu. The other rated player, Richard Mbedza rated 2122 is known to have been playing in RSA. The good news about the increase of these rated players is that they will benchmark all other players in Malawi. There are two official candidate Masters from Malawi according to the FIDE website. Linda Jambo,not rated, joined Chiletso Chipanga on that title recently.
Chess in Schools on the microscope
Monday, 18 October 2010 13:53
Chess and Sports have been the subject of discussion at the shores of Lake Malawi, where Chess President engaged some parliamentarians on the merits and demerits of chess in Schools. Lawyer Edwin Banda, here discusses a point with the Chess President. Some countries have introduced chess in Schools and it is beeing watched how this will progress in Malawi. There is political willingness to introduce chess in schools but the challenge is that most Malawian companies have not opened up to sponsoring sports including chess. It is not only chess that is lucking sponsorship, as football and Netball among others are in similar financial problems. The Malawi president, H.E. Ngwazi Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika introduced the presidential initiative on sports in 2008 with a view of enhancing sports participation and the program is achieving tremendous achievements in chess and other sport disciplines. The supreme chess body in Malawi, Chessam will be holding a meeting in Blantyre at the weekend where it is expected to discuss chess in schools. The national champions in the open chess category have been mainly students from school in the recent past, Joseph Mwale has dominated the ranks until recently when another school boy, Gerrard Mphungu stole the show in the qualifications for the 39th Chess Olympiad that he failed to participate in due to academic engagements.
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 14:41
It all happened. First it was the Chessam President, Kezzie Msukwa,missing a Plane in Addis enroute to Khanty-Mansiysk. Reason, passport dropped in the plane at Addis. As a result, he missed all the other flights. The price is that he had to buy another ticket for Rubs 15000 ( MK75000) in Vnukovo as the UTAir officials could not take any of his explanations. Thanks to Geoffrey Borg who quickly worked to ask FIDE to rescue the Chessam official. As if that was not a sharing experience, Petros Mfune was left in Addis as the other players proceeded to Lilongwe. Reason, Answering to Nature's call accrding to the team leader Paul Nyirenda. Luckily, ET has taken care of him by accomodating and feeding him at the beautiful Riviera Hotel.
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 12:06
The Malawi Chess Team returned from the Chess Olympiad as an improved side. Led by Treasurer and DI Paul Nyirenda, the men's team of Dr Francis Banda, Chuma Mwale, Chiletso Chipanga, Joseph Nyambalo and Petros Mfune came back in beautiful Malawi Flag truck tops followed closely by the ladies team comprising Vitumbiko Gondwe, WCM Linda Jambo, Loyce Kapila and Ndawonga Mwale. Climbing from 132 to 127 in the world, the Malawi men's side is now on position 13 in Africa. Egyp[t has maintained its African Superiority(41 in the world) followed Zambia(47 in the world) on two, RSA on 3 and Libya on 4 completing the top four positions. Chiletso Chipanga was outstanding in Malawi men's colours while Linda Jambo was having Christmas in the girls category. Jambo has become the first woman candidate Master for Malawi. The Honors list on the chess fraternity is increasing with the addition of Paul Nyirenda being the first Malawian Development Instructor, Gilton Mkumbwa as First Malawian FIDE Arbiter and the the Candidate Nasters Joseph Chalemba, Malama Mwanza, and Now WCM Linda Jambo. Meanwhile Chess Association of Malawi has reiterated that they will continue having rated tournaments in order to increase the number of rated players. The second of such is expected in December 2010.
Thursday, 30 September 2010 08:13
Paul Nyirenda has become the first Malawi development Instructor for Chess after undergoing a strenious instuctors course during the 39th FIDE Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Paul becomes the second recognised FIDE titled official for Malawi after Fide Arbirter (FA) Gilton Mkumbwa who qualified in Namibia 2008. Malawi has yet to get a titled player above the candidate Masters who are yet to be certified by FIDE. Chiletso Chipanga, may miss the chance of becoming the first Malawian FIDE Master after having missed to win 66.66% of the games first 9 games being played in Khanty-Mansiysk.
Linda Shines
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:00
While all the players are finding it tough at the Olympiad in Khanty, Linda Jambo is having a go at the ladies section. She has only lost a game in the past six games. Linda is highly expected to become the first rated woman player in Malawi. She promises to continue winning. Ndawonga Mwale has also registered two wins and one for Loyce Kapila. Vitumbiko on board one has it tough.
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