Mpinganjira fired
Saturday, 04 February 2012 16:14

Chess Association of Malawi (Chessam) has removed chairman for the Southern Region Chess League (SRCL) Stanley Mpinganjira after establishing that he lied to the general assembly about his conviction.

Mpinganjira was convicted of a criminal offence within the last six years and served a two year jail term at Chichiri Prison in Blantyre. The development meant Mpinganjira could not serve in any capacity in the Chessam executive or in any of the association's affiliate bodies, whose statutes bar those convicted of a criminal offence or an offence bordering on corruption within the last six years.

However, Mpinganjira lied to the general assembly during SRCL's recent elections that his conviction was quashed by the Supreme Court following an appeal and told the gathering that he was demanding K22 million Malawi Kwacha from the Malawi government for wrongful imprisonment.

After putting forward the claim, the elections' returning officer allowed him to stand for the position of chairman on condition that he produces the evidence that he was acquited within 14 days or risk being removed as chairman, if he won the election.

Mpinganjira won the elections after defeating outgoing chairperson Susan Namangale by 25 votes against 17. However, the former SRCL general secretary failed to produce the evidence within the 14 days claiming he was having problems to access documents from the supreme court because of the ongoing judicial strike. He also claimed he could not get the document from his lawyer Christopher Chiphwanya because he owed the lawyer a substantial amount of money from the court case.

The development prompted Chessam to institute its own investigations, which revealed Mpinganjira lied to the executive. According to Chessam's findings, Chiphwanya handled Mpinganjira's appeal to the high court after he was convicted by a lower court. The appeal was never successful.

In view of the development, Chessam has removed Mpinganjira from his position and replaced him with his deputy Stanley Mtuwa, who will be holding the position in acting capacity pending elections for another chairman.

The association also says Mpinganjira risks stern punishment for lying to the assembly and bringing the game of chess into disrepute.


By: Leonard Sharrah


Wednesday, 01 February 2012 21:42

The 2012 presidential chess tournament set for Mzuzu is heating up. Since the announcement by Chessam in Mangochi late last year of the host city to be Mzuzu, every player in Mzuzu is excited and hopes to take advantage of the home ground and beat the visiting players in the likes of Chiletso Chipanga, Joseph Mwale( who recently ended up on 4th position in the just ended African Youth Championship in Lusaka last December) and others. A tour of duty to Mchengautuwa, Chibavi and Katawa revealed similar findings where Martin Mambulasa, Rombani Kaluwa and Seko Soko (aka GM) respectively, all believe they will finish tops. You go to Mchengautuwa, you will find players glued to a single board at Mphande's barbershop; in Chibavi under some unique long bluegum trees,all preparing for the event. The nomadic Katawa group have no real fixed playing venue.

Mzuzu players have never been on the top 10 ranking since the inception of the presidential chess championship in 2008,save for woman Champion Linda Jambo. In similar tournaments, Mzuzu players have often ended up with wooden spoons; memorable on this was the strongman, zambian trained Wasoka Chirwa in 2006.

However, the game has tremendously improved, thanks to the motivation through the gracious sponsorship of Ilala Crest Lodge Ltd who have granted free playing venues for Chess and an offer of Mk100,000 for the year.

Meanwhile, the organising commiittee for this tournament has been appointed and it consists of: Sam Nkwazi (Chair), Isaac Mphande, Martin Mambulasa, Innocent Salanjira, Georgina Musowoya, Linda Jambo and a representative from Malawi Schools Sports Association (MASSA).

The presidential tournament is for both schools and seniors.

We live to witness who will scoop the wooden weapon.

By: Chipundughulu

Sunday, 15 January 2012 20:44

After Chessam directed that elections be done in all the three Regional leagues, it transpired that all the top brass lost their estates.

Former vice president, Isaac Mumba assuped his former boss, Kondwani Nyirenda, to become the Northen Region Chairman. Outsider Stan Kafere was elected to take over Ulemu Chiluzi to become the Central Region boss. These positions were filled on 7th January 2012 to run for 2 years. A week later, Former GS for the south, Stanly Mpinganjira beat his former chief, Susan Namangale to lead the South for the next 2 years. The polls in the South unlike the other regional leagues was not without controversy as the new chair served a sentence for criminal offences until last year.

The Chessam statutes under article 7.0 (2) reads önly people that have not been convicted over the past 6 years for corrupt practices or any criminal offence shall"not be elligible for elections".


Thursday, 24 November 2011 21:30
Mdina Engineerin
Presidential Chess Organisers appointed
Friday, 11 March 2011 19:37
The Chessam president has nominated people into a committee of organisers for the 2010/11 presidential chess tournament whose finals will be held in Lilongwe in April. Meanwhile the tournament has its inaugulation ceremony at Ilala Crest lodge in Mzuzu on saturday 12th March. NCL Chair Kondwani Nyirenda organised the event inline with Govt's directive that the inauguration ceremony for this year would be held in the small northen city of Mzuzu. The committee comprises of celebrated chess players and administrators including: Akim Mwale, Leonard Sharra,Leonard Mbwana, Florence Chithira, Petros Mfune, Ms Soko of LL Girls, Linda Jambo, Yohanne Misomali,Hermes Kasiya and Blackson Malamula. "It is our conviction that these men and ladies in black and white pieces will make the winning move and make this year's tournament a big success,"said the chess president, Kezzie Msukwa. Good luck.
Sunday, 13 February 2011 20:19
As chess continues enjoying a good form in Malawi, more Malawians have shown interest to lift the mind game. Recently, Mdina Civil Engineering company came to the stage by sponsoring the indicvidual championship in Blantyre where Joseph Nyambalo showed his superiority on the board. The good news is that Mdina has assured the chess family that their marriage is intact for next year.
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