Malawi @ the 2014 World youth
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 12:04

Tupokiwe Musukwa, U16 and Khwima Gondwe U10 are the ambassadors for Malawi to the World Youth Chess Championship in Durban. The two kids had undergone some serious training by FI Joseph Chalemba in Mzuzu before flying to Durban for a tournament that is scheduled to run from 19 September 2014 until 30 September 2014. After playing 3 games without any result, I asked the kids as to what was wrong. "Tikuopa azungu", that was the responce from Khwima. The kids who are undergoing further training by Joseph Mwale and Richard Mbedza were encouraged to look at Mzungu as any other player and play there game. This was a good psycological preparation. At the end of round 4 we registered the first result. Tupokiwe 1, Khwima 1/2. Joseph mwale said, " The first international tournament I played, I ended with 1/11 so you guys are okay". 
Generally the lads have improved their game since they started. Game on !!!!!!!!

by Theodore 

Rating of Players
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 22:11

Chessam has embarked on a new project aimed at rating all active players in the country. At the moment, Chessam will be holding a rating tournament in Lilongwe from 13 September to 21st September 2014, where it is expected to add six more players to the ten malawian rated players. Meanwhile Malawi has the first ladies Vitumbiko Gondwe rated 1505 and Royce Msiska rated 1245 after a showing at the recent 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway. The first Fide Master for Malawi was awarded to Gerrad Mphungu for his prowess at the same olympiad.
Other members that attended the 2014 olympiad were Mark Chikoko Captain, Joseph Chalemba - ladies coach, Alfred Chimthere, Chiletso Chipanga, Joseph Nyambalo, Desiderata Nkhoma and Ellen Mpinganjira - Ladies captain.
In the open category, Malawi moved from 134 in ranking to 113 where as the ladies team moved from 130 to 128.
We will be in the top 100 soon.

By Theodore 

New Chessam Board 2014/18
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 22:00

Chess Association of Malawi has reconstituted its new Board on 30th August 2014 to run the affairs of the Association for the next four years till 2018. The new board has maintained Kezzie Msukwa and Mark Chikoko as its President and Vice President respectively. Mr Gershom Chima has replaced Mr Leonaed Sharra as General Secretary while Mr Yohane Misomali and Mr Makhosi Nyirenda have replaced Mr Paul Nyirenda and Mr Gilton Mkumbwa as Treasurer General and Publicity Secretary respectively. The new position for coordinator for chess in Schools has been filled by Mishek Nyirenda. Other executive members include: Mayeso Mphande, Susan Namangale, Petrocs Mfune and Gift Kadaluka. The new board has a daunting task ahead of it as there are alot of programmes ahead of them.
We wish the committee success.

by Theodore 

Monday, 09 June 2014 17:49

The Chess Association of Malawi will be electing its new Board on 31 August 2014. Being an Elective AGM, paid up executive members from the Chessam membership will Elect the following Office bearers that will direct Chess in the country for the next 4 years to 2018.

Currently, the positions approved by the board in 2010 include:


Vice President

General Secretary

Treasurer General

Publicity Secretary

Executive members (4)

All intetested members are requires to write Sports Council indicating positions they are intending to compete for. All board membership positions require that holders hold atleast a Malawi School Certificate.

by: Kezzie












Chess Olympiad 2014
Monday, 09 June 2014 16:36

The Chess Association of Malawi conducted qualifier games to select players likely to represent the country at the forthcoming olympiad slated for August 2014 in Norway. The qualifiers this time were more rigorous than ever before.Each Region through its regional qualifiers selected five(5) players that completed with the 2012 Olympiad Team plus presidential nominees. #Nominated by the Chessam President this year were Peter Jailos and Mishek Nyirenda in the Open category. Both nominees Wezzie Mzia and Upile Pulaizi in the Ladies categorybdidnot take the opportunity. # The second qualifiers pitted 22 top players from all over Malawi.  Ten top players were identified out of the 22 and the ten played in a Round Robbin Tournament ovet 4 days during the Easter Period. Favourites like Joseph Mwale and his fellow RSA based Richard Mbedza and Paul Khuphwathea (the trio were all partbof the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad) all failed to make into the Top five elligible to be on the Open Team.

# The 2014 Tromso Olympiad representatives for Malawi that qualified in order of strength are: Chiletso Chipanga, Alfred Chimthere, Gerlad Mphungu, Joseph Nyambalo (also in the 2012 Istanbul Squad) and George Mwale.

# The Ladies Team to be captained by Ellen Mpinganjira on board 1 shall also have Vitumbiko Gondwe, Royce Msiska, Desiderata Nkhoma and Magret Ngugama.

# Mark Chikoko shall lead the team while Joseph Chalemba shall coach the team, particularly the ladies team.

Delegate to the General Assembly shall be Chessam President Kezzie Msukwa.

The morale is high on the side of the players despite the uncertainity surrounding funding for the team.










Malawi performs decimally
Monday, 10 September 2012 23:33

The Malawi Team led by Zengani Mkandawire to the 40th Chess Olympiad that was held in Istanbul from 27th August to 10th September 2012 has worsened the ranking of Malawi up by 15 steps to 140. The team comprising of Chiletso Chipanga, Joseph Nyambalo, Richard Mbedza and Joseph Mwale from board1 to 4 in that order never showed any commitment to the purpose that they went there for. Neither did the South African based Khuphwathea on substitute rescue the team from miseries. On individual performance, Joseph Nyambalo was a candidate for the FM title all the way up to the 6th round as he had 4 points just needing two points with four games to play. but alas! he couldnot go beyond four and therefore got a candidate master title together with Richard who also finished with four points after eight games he played.#%# Having failed  to impress at the olympiad, they are captured here at Bole airport struggling to beat Zimbabwea International Master Robert Gwaze.#

by Kezzie Msukwa 

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