National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifiers
Monday, 10 November 2014 14:36

National Continental Championship 2014  Qualifiers (Open & Women)

Dates: 14 – 18  November 2014

Venue: Lilongwe, Malawi
1. National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifier (Open & Women) Invitation

The Chess Association of Malawi has the honor to invite all chess Players that qualified from the Central, Northern and Southern Chess Leagues, all rated players and all players nominated to participate in the 2014 National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifier (Open and Women). The tournament will be held from 14 November (arrival) to 18 November (Departure) 2014 in Lilongwe, Malawi.
2. Playing Venue

The tournament will be held in Lilongwe at a Venue to be announced later.
3. Accommodation

Accommodation will be on the account of individual players.
4. Participants

4.1    Participants that qualified  in the Open Section are as follows::

  1. Wilson Chingati  - NCL
  2. Emmanuel Kaonga - NCL
  3. Newton Jere  - NCL
  4. Khama Chindole – CCL
  5. Charles Kapende – CCL
  6. Misheck Nyirenda – CCL
  7. Hope Mwazozo - CCL
  8. Stanley Biyasi – SCL
  9. Bright Nthala – SCL
  10. Kajani Kaunda – SCL

4.2    Participants that are rated and/or titled are:

  1. FM Gerrard Mphungu
  2. CM Joseph Nyambalo
  3. CM Chiletso Chipanga
  4. CM Richard Mbedza
  5. CM Joseph Chalemba
  6. Joseph Mwale
  7. Alfred Charles Chimthere
  8. Chuma Mwale
  9. Petros Mfune
  10. Paul Khuphwathea
  11. Francis Musume Banda

4.3 Participants that have been nominated are:

  1. Overton Kanyinji
  2. Peter Jayloss
  3. Stansford Chiwambo

4.4   Women’s Category shall have the following players that qualified from the Leagues

  1. Annie Simwaba - NCL
  2. Getrude Chaomba – NCL
  3. Oprah Phiri – NCL
  4. Daisy Nkhoma – CCL
  5. Magret Ngugama – SCL
  6. Lucy Chazemba – SCL

4.5 Rated and Titled Women

  1. Vitumbiko Gondwe
  2. Royce Msiska
  3. Tupokiwe Msukwa
  4. WCM Linda Jambo

4.6   Nominated players

  1. Ellen Mpinganjira
  2. Judith Phiri


4.7   Registration forms for participants are attached herein. All registration forms must be filled and forwarded by the players to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it not later than 14 November 2014
5 System and rate of play

5.1   The Championship will be played in accordance with FIDE regulations on a 9 round Swiss System.

5.2   Time control will be 90 minutes for all moves with no additional time.

5.3    The games will be played using DGT clocks, with all pairings and results published on www.chess-results.com

5.4   The Swiss manager software will be used for managing the Championships

5.5            Draw offers shall not be allowed before Black’s 30th move. (Note: Selling of games in any form is punishable and offenders would be identified)

5.6            All games shall be recorded by the players.

5.7            Cellphones and electronic devices will not be allowed into the playing venue inline with FIDE rules currently in operation.

5.8            Alcohol consumption is not allowed but smoking will be allowed except that Smoking may only be done outside the playing Hall.


 6 Tie Breaks

In an event of a tie for the over-all winner or other places, the tie will be broken as follows:

  1. Player with highest wins
  2. Direct encounter
  3. Sonneborn-Berger system

7.0 Awards
7.1   Winners in each category will have qualified to participate at the 2014 Africa Individual Chess Championship in Namibia

7.2   Winners in each section shall be awarded certificates and cash prizes that shall also be extended to their runners up, up to 5rd position.

7.3   All players that shall play in the National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifier shall be awarded certificates of participation.

7.4   The Tournament results will be submitted to FIDE for rating.
8 Tournament Schedule

8.1   Games shall be played according to the following tournament schedule. Should there be an inevitable change in this schedule, those changes will be communicated during the technical meeting before the start of Round 1.

DATE:                                              TIME:                                                    ACTIVITY:

14.11.2014                                                                                                    ARRIVAL

15.11.2014                                        08.00 Hrs                                              Technical Meeting

15.11.2014                                                                                                   Opening Ceremony

15.11.2014                                        08: 30 Hrs                                             Round1

15.11.2014                                        12:00 Hrs                                              Round 2

15.11.2014                                        15:30 Hrs                                              Round 3

16.11.2014                                        08:00 Hrs                                              Round 4

16.11.2014                                        12:00 Hrs                                              Round 5

16.11.2014                                        15:30 Hrs                                              Round 6

17.11.2014                                        08.00 Hrs                                              Round 7

17.11.2014                                         12.00 Hrs                                              Round 8

 17.11.2014                                        15:30 Hrs                                              Round 9


17.11.2014                                         18.30 Hrs                                              Closing Ceremony

18.11.2014                                                                                                      DEPARTURE

9.0 Chief Arbiter and Appeals Committee

9.1 The Chief Arbiter for the National Continental Championship 2014 Qualifier will be No.20500050 FA Gilton Mkumbwa  and he will be assisted byN0. 20500203 FA Kezzie Msukwa and Arbiter Assistant Leonard Mbwana

9.2 The Appeals committee will consist of three (3) members appointed by the President. Protests shall be handed to The Chief Arbiter within 15 minutes after a round with MK1500 deposit which shall be refunded only if the appeal is upheld

10.0 Board and Lodging

Board and lodging shall be for the cost of individual players

11.0 Registration Fees

11.1 Registration fee for each participating player shall be MK1500 ($3)  and must be paid to Chess Association of Malawi before 15 November 2014 at 8.00 AM.
11.2 Registration of Players later than midnight of 14th November 2014  will be considered as a late registration and will attract a late registration fee of MK500 Per person (Please note that organizers reserve the right to decline late registrations)

11.3 No refunds will be made for any player who fails to turn up to the tournament after paying Registration Fees.

12.0 Travel Arrangements

All travelling arrangements and cost of travel to and from Lilongwe shall be borne by participating players.

13.0 Miscellaneous

A player who withdraws or does not play any round of the tournament will have breached Chessam code of ethics and will be subjected to disciplinary action as led down in the Chessam statutes.

Registration Form

FIDE ID NUMBER         FULL NAME OF PLAYER            PASPORT NUMBER          DATE OF PPT ISSUE         FIDE RATING                          




Kezzie Msukwa


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