School Chess Suffers a blow from KCF
Sunday, 05 October 2014 13:17

The news that Kasparov Chess Foundation has withdrawn the School equipment that it had donated to Malawi is a bother that Chess Malawi is finding difficult to believe how a foundation that has the blessing of the most celebrated Chess Icon in the world could do that. Below is a letter suggesting that the equipment will be withdrawn written to the president of Malawi Chess Association from the Director of Kasparov Chess Foundation. It reads,

"Hi Kezzie

The MOU that was circulated in Malawi was signed by some representatives of the Malawi Sports and Education departments but has never been signed off by the KCF Africa directors or Board and has hence never come into effect.

The Board of the Foundation have now critically reviewed the situation in Malawi and has unfortunately decided that we will not be continuing with the rollout of the planned chess in schools program in Malawi at this time. Whilst the groundwork done by both Leonard and Gilton has been outstanding, we have found the overall attitude of the Malawi Chess Federation towards the foundation and our objectives to be very disappointing to say the least.

Please note that we are a donor funded organisation and the decisions taken in Tromso have been carefully noted by all our major sponsors. Some of our African donors are expected to significantly curtail their future support levels as a direct result of the decisions taken in Tromso and this in turn has a direct consequence to our ability to fund projects.

The Board has now made a decision to focus our available funding and resources on countries where the local chess federations have clearly indicated that they wish to work with us for the improvement of chess across the continent. We have also decided that we will not be continuing with the implementation of programs in countries where the full support of the local chess federation cannot be assured. Unfortunately, we do not believe that the Malawi Chess Federation meets this criteria at this time.

Accordingly, I have instructed Leonard and Gilton to send the KCF equipment that was stored in Malawi to our East Africa hub where it will be redirected to the pilot programs scheduled to be launched in the neighbouring countries in the near future.

I will shortly be sending a formal notice of our decision, together with an explanation of the reasons, to the offices of the Malawi Minister of Education and Minister of Sports. I will ensure that you are copied on this correspondence when it is sent.

This has not been an easy decision as we wish the best for Chess in Malawi. Having said this, we must take actions which we believe are in the best interests of the game across the entire continent and we believe that our resources will be better utilised in other jurisdictions at this point in time.

Yours sincerely

Graham Jurgensen


Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa"

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