Malawi @ the 2014 World youth
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 12:04

Tupokiwe Musukwa, U16 and Khwima Gondwe U10 are the ambassadors for Malawi to the World Youth Chess Championship in Durban. The two kids had undergone some serious training by FI Joseph Chalemba in Mzuzu before flying to Durban for a tournament that is scheduled to run from 19 September 2014 until 30 September 2014. After playing 3 games without any result, I asked the kids as to what was wrong. "Tikuopa azungu", that was the responce from Khwima. The kids who are undergoing further training by Joseph Mwale and Richard Mbedza were encouraged to look at Mzungu as any other player and play there game. This was a good psycological preparation. At the end of round 4 we registered the first result. Tupokiwe 1, Khwima 1/2. Joseph mwale said, " The first international tournament I played, I ended with 1/11 so you guys are okay". 
Generally the lads have improved their game since they started. Game on !!!!!!!!

by Theodore 

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