Sunday, 15 January 2012 20:44

After Chessam directed that elections be done in all the three Regional leagues, it transpired that all the top brass lost their estates.

Former vice president, Isaac Mumba assuped his former boss, Kondwani Nyirenda, to become the Northen Region Chairman. Outsider Stan Kafere was elected to take over Ulemu Chiluzi to become the Central Region boss. These positions were filled on 7th January 2012 to run for 2 years. A week later, Former GS for the south, Stanly Mpinganjira beat his former chief, Susan Namangale to lead the South for the next 2 years. The polls in the South unlike the other regional leagues was not without controversy as the new chair served a sentence for criminal offences until last year.

The Chessam statutes under article 7.0 (2) reads önly people that have not been convicted over the past 6 years for corrupt practices or any criminal offence shall"not be elligible for elections".


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