Where should we invest?
Monday, 22 November 2010 19:44
That chess is a game where the old and the young can compete without any fear of age is a true and encouraging phenomena. Now the question is where do we invest inorder to ensure sustainability of the sport in Malawi. The recent survey across the regions still indicate that there are no tangible sponsorships amongst the regions. In an interview with the Chessam Executive Member in Mzuzu, Mr Isaac Mumba revealed to Chess Association of Malawi that they have had it difficult in identifying sponsorship for both the Juniors and the seniors. Ilala crest Lodge has offered an olive branch to sponsor chess in the region and has accepted that we can use part of the sponsorsip to secondary schools. Where should we invest first? Secondary Schools or primary schools? your guess is as good as mine. The benefits in starting with primary schools will far outway secondary school adventures. The Juniors seen in this picture, Fortunate 18yrs and his 3 year-old young brother, will not see their interest going any where if we do not get a sponsor in the near future. Who then holds the key to chess. Is it Multichoice?. Or is it some embassy in Lilongwe or is it Government?Is it individuals? Or is it a Tobacco company? The Government of Malawi is in principle agreable to starting chess in Schools working hand in hand with Chessam as agreed to a question by member of parliament for Chitipa East by the minister of sports early last year. The number of pupils ready to play chess is huge. The chess president had a meeting with teachers and students(seated in their class with no desks) of Chisansu FP School. Most of them do not have an idea of what chess is all about. Teachers too do not know what chess is all about. It will be therefore a big task to introduce chess here. Eager School children wanting chess< In the last FIDE congress in Khanty-Mansiysk, President Kirsan emphasised the fact that he will allocate tangible sums of money aimed at developing Chess in Africa. Most African countries are looking forward to seeing guidelines from FIDE on how these funds will be accessesed
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