Chess popular in Mchenga-Utuwa
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 19:28
Mchenga-Utuwa township has become the latest home of chess in Mzuzu City. Wherever you travel you either find people under a tree or at a drinking joint surroiunding a chess board. Recently, the chess fraternity in Mzuzu that had been flocking to Katawa for khonde chess have all turned their attention to the new chess township where you get more than ten players at any one place around the board. In an interview with the general secretary, Mr. Mphande at his barbarshop, he said that their were more than 3o players within the area that come to play chess at this place. Mchenga-Utuwa becomes the third township to be popular on chess after Chibavi and Katawa. It has been noted however that the Chibavi members have of late become less active.
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