Mfune, Nyambalo, Banda,mwale, rated,
Friday, 22 October 2010 07:47
The improvement of chess in Malawi can not be overemphasized basing on the FIDE rating list where we have seen three more players being rated taking the number of rated players to seven. Petros Mfune becomes the second strongest player resident in Malawi rated 2049 behind Chiletso Chipanga 2138. The others that have attained FIDE ratings include Joseph Nyambalo 1914 and Frances Banda rated 1858 and Chuma mwale. Alfred Chimthere,who had enjoyed the top spot for a while has dropped to forth in Malawi. His drop has largely been due to the loss he suffered at the hands of Mfune in a rated tournament in Mzuzu. The other rated player, Richard Mbedza rated 2122 is known to have been playing in RSA. The good news about the increase of these rated players is that they will benchmark all other players in Malawi. There are two official candidate Masters from Malawi according to the FIDE website. Linda Jambo,not rated, joined Chiletso Chipanga on that title recently.
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