Tuesday, 05 October 2010 12:06
The Malawi Chess Team returned from the Chess Olympiad as an improved side. Led by Treasurer and DI Paul Nyirenda, the men's team of Dr Francis Banda, Chuma Mwale, Chiletso Chipanga, Joseph Nyambalo and Petros Mfune came back in beautiful Malawi Flag truck tops followed closely by the ladies team comprising Vitumbiko Gondwe, WCM Linda Jambo, Loyce Kapila and Ndawonga Mwale. Climbing from 132 to 127 in the world, the Malawi men's side is now on position 13 in Africa. Egyp[t has maintained its African Superiority(41 in the world) followed Zambia(47 in the world) on two, RSA on 3 and Libya on 4 completing the top four positions. Chiletso Chipanga was outstanding in Malawi men's colours while Linda Jambo was having Christmas in the girls category. Jambo has become the first woman candidate Master for Malawi. The Honors list on the chess fraternity is increasing with the addition of Paul Nyirenda being the first Malawian Development Instructor, Gilton Mkumbwa as First Malawian FIDE Arbiter and the the Candidate Nasters Joseph Chalemba, Malama Mwanza, and Now WCM Linda Jambo. Meanwhile Chess Association of Malawi has reiterated that they will continue having rated tournaments in order to increase the number of rated players. The second of such is expected in December 2010.
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