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Regulations for the Zone 4.5 Team Championship (Revised)
09 -11 and 16 -18 October 2020

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Regulations for the Zone 4.5 Team Championship (Revised) 09 -11 and 16 -18 October 2020


1. Scope


1.1. Governing Body of the Zone 4.5 Online Team Championship is the FIDE Zone 4.5.


1.2. Zone 4.5 Online Committee is in charge for preparing regulations while the Zonal

President will be in charge of communicating with the hosting Internet platform

(hereinafter referred to as HIP) and the participating Federations.


1.3. The body responsible for adopting and changing these Regulations is the Zonal

President, upon recommendation by Zone 4.5 Online Committee.


1.4. At any time, any circumstance or unforeseen situation not covered in these

Regulations shall be referred to the Zonal President for a final decision.



2. Format


2.1. Zone 4.5 Online Team Championship is a team event. National teams within the

Zone have the right to participate in the Zone 4.5 Online Team Championship.


2.2. Zonal Team Championship (Online) will now to be played with a 10-player team of

mixed gender and age as in the recent FIDE Online Olympiad.

The team composition will be as follows:


2.3. Boards 1 - 3: Open (Category A); Boards 4 - 6: Ladies (Category B), Boards 7- 8

U/20 Male (Category C); and Boards 9 -10 U/20 Female (Category D).

There will be 4 reserves as follows:


2.3.1. 1 × for Boards 1 – 3 (Open);

2.3.2. 1 x for Boards 4 - 6 (Female);

2.3.3. 1 × for Boards 7 - 8 (U/20 Male); and

2.3.4. 1 × for Boards 9 - 10 (U/20 Female)


2.4. Time control: 10 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1.


2.5. Compositions for each of two matches of a daily session should be announced not

later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the first match.



3. Registration


Each federation intending to participate in Zone 4.5 Online Team Championship confirms its participation by providing the list of players with the exact main boards and reserves order to the Zonal president

(info@zone4- 5chess.com) by September 28 2020.

Providing the players’ list, each Federation must ensure that all players are aware of these Regulations and acknowledge Fair-Play rules.






4. Schedule




09/10/2020 Rounds 1 All Teams in Zone 4.5

10/10/2020 Rounds 2 & 3 All Teams in Zone 4.5

11/10/2020 Rounds 4 & 5 All Teams in Zone 4.5

16/10/2020 Rounds 6 & 7 All Teams in Zone 4.5

17/10/2020 Round 8 All Teams in Zone 4.5

18/10/2020 Round 9 All Teams in Zone 4.5





5. Technical Issues


5.1. The Zonal President nominates the Chief Arbiter and the Deputy Chief Arbiter.


5.2. The technical Meetings are held one day before the first round via MS Teams

(Zoom-like) virtual conference


5.3. The team captains of participating teams are obliged to attend the relevant

Technical Meeting


5.4. The technical notice describing the mode of communication between the players,

the Chief Arbiter and the HIP technical support as well as other technical issues

may be developed by HIP in consultation with Zone 4.5 Online Committee and

amended to these Regulations as Annex 2 if necessary.


5.5. In order to organize a professional video streaming (including TV broadcast), any

team may decide to have all the players together in the same venue, if the

epidemiological situation in the country allows it


5.6. General and special prizes are to be announced in due time.





6. Fair-Play Measures

6.1. The fair-play measures are based on resources of HIP (Hosting Internet Provider)

and follow FIDE’s fair-play guidelines. The anti- cheating algorithm is to be

approved by Zone 4.5 Online Committee.


6.2. Zone 4.5 Online Committee in consultation with HIP establishes a fair- play panel

(hereinafter referred to as FPP). The FPP consists of the Chief Arbiter and the

following fair-play experts: Zone Fair-Play Commission members, the fair-play

experts of HIP, computer scientists and statisticians, chess grandmasters


6.3. FPP works to ensure fair results for each game. FPP may apply any measures that

it considers necessary and sufficient in order to ensure fair-play conditions during

the tournament. Basing on technical resources of HIP, FFP may decide on

mandatory webcams and screen share to be used by all the players.


6.4. Based upon the results of the anti-cheating algorithm and/or other evidence

deemed sufficient by the FPP to establish a cheating incident, FPP has the right to

disqualify any player for a suspected fair-play violation during the course or after

conclusion of the tournament.


6.5. FFP may additionally take one or several of the following decisions towards the

disqualified player:


6.5.1. The disqualified player may be declared lost in one or several games

he/she played in the current or/and previous pool(s) or duel(s). Then,

his/her teams’ results in the respective pool(s) or duel(s) are changed



6.5.2. The disqualified player’s team may be fined by certain number of match



6.5.3. The disqualified player’s team may be disqualified (if such a decision is

taken when this team has advanced to the semifinals and started playing there, the disqualified team cannot be replaced by any other). All theresults of the disqualified team in the Zone 4.5 Online Team Championship are annulled.



6.5.4. The decision of FPP to disqualify a player and his/her team for a suspected

fair-play violation is final and is not subject to any appeal, review or other



Neither Zone 4.5 nor HIP claims that the determination of a suspected

fair-play violation is proof of actual cheating or an admission of guilt

of by the disqualified player. Such a determination shall not affect the

ordinary status of the player for over-the-board competitions within the

jurisdiction of Zone 4.5 unless the FPP decides in the case of a clear or

gross violation, or repeated violations, to refer the matter to the

ACC/FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission which may exclude

the player from all official chess participation for a period up to 15



By entering into the tournament each player accepts the above-

mentioned Fair-Play measures as a condition of entry in a voluntary

sports event and agrees that his/her participation takes place subject to

these Fair-Play measures.











7. Appeals Committee


7.1. The Zonal President appoints the Chairman and the two other members of the

Appeals Committee, all from different Federations.


7.2. A member of the Appeals Committee cannot sit in judgment in a dispute

involving one player from his/her Federation. If both players involved in a

dispute are from the same federation that one or two members of the Appeal

Committee, then all three members of the Appeal Committee sit in judgment


7.3. Appeals committee has the right to make decisions on all disputes, except fair-

play issues (Chapter 6).


7.4. All appeals and protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee

not more than 15 minutes after the relevant game, or the particular infringement

complained against


7.5. Each Federation issuing a protest may be charged of fifty (50) USD by Zone 4.5 if

the protest is rejected


7.6. The Appeal Committee endeavours to make a decision as quick as possible.


7.7. The written decision of the Appeals Committee arising from any dispute in

respect of these Regulations is final




8. Selection of the Hosting Internet Platform


8.1. Any chess internet platform may apply for hosting Zone 4.5 Online Team



8.2. The Zone 4.5’s choice of HIP is based on many factors aiming for the best of

chess. The proposed financial conditions are not the only criterion. Zone 4.5 takes

into account the experience of HIP, its ability to broadcast the tournament at the

highest possible level, both from the point of view of anti-reader security, and

experience in commenting and conducting tournaments of the highest level.


8.3. HIP has the right to apply for the title partner status


8.4. Upon Zone 4.5’s selection of HIP, a contract is to be signed between Zone 4.5 and

HIP regarding all financial and commercial aspects of the event




9. Annex 1. Tie-Break Rules


9.1. At the end of the round robin tournament, team ranking will be decided by using:


9.1.1. Match point totals (2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss)


9.1.2. Game point totals (1 for each game won, 1⁄2 for each game drawn, 0 for



9.1.3. Game lost)


9.1.4. Match point totals in the results between the teams which remain tied


9.1.5. Game point totals in the results between the teams which remain tied


9.1.6. Sonneborn-Berger (Match points)


9.1.7. Sonneborn-Berger (Game points)


9.1.8. Drawing of lots


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