Chess in Schools on the microscope
Monday, 18 October 2010 13:53
Chess and Sports have been the subject of discussion at the shores of Lake Malawi, where Chess President engaged some parliamentarians on the merits and demerits of chess in Schools. Lawyer Edwin Banda, here discusses a point with the Chess President. Some countries have introduced chess in Schools and it is beeing watched how this will progress in Malawi. There is political willingness to introduce chess in schools but the challenge is that most Malawian companies have not opened up to sponsoring sports including chess. It is not only chess that is lucking sponsorship, as football and Netball among others are in similar financial problems. The Malawi president, H.E. Ngwazi Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika introduced the presidential initiative on sports in 2008 with a view of enhancing sports participation and the program is achieving tremendous achievements in chess and other sport disciplines. The supreme chess body in Malawi, Chessam will be holding a meeting in Blantyre at the weekend where it is expected to discuss chess in schools. The national champions in the open chess category have been mainly students from school in the recent past, Joseph Mwale has dominated the ranks until recently when another school boy, Gerrard Mphungu stole the show in the qualifications for the 39th Chess Olympiad that he failed to participate in due to academic engagements.
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