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Edition 2004, Reviewed 2010


- CHESSAM shall mean the Chess Association of Malawi
- League shall mean a chess organization subordinated and affiliated to CHESSAM
- Executive Committee shall consist of executive members and ex-officio members
- Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Publicity Secretary
- Officials shall mean all board members, trainers, arbiters or any person assigned by the executive to perform the business of CHESSAM
- Affiliates of Chessam shall mean leagues, and other registered bodies
- Ex Officio members shall mean the chairpersons (or their representatives) of the affiliated leagues to CHESSAM.
- Council shall mean the Malawi National Council of Sports
- FIDE shall mean Federation Internationale des Echecs
- MOC shall mean Malawi Olympic Committee
- Board Member shall mean an elected member of CHESSAM
- Assembly shall mean the legislative arm of the Chess Association consist of the Executive, Ex-official members and affiliates


2.1. The Chess Association of Malawi (referred to in the ensuing text as CHESSAM) is the
only recognized association in Malawi in the domain of Chess founded in 1985.
CHESSAM shall be recognized by The Malawi National Council of Sports (Council) as
the supreme governing body of chess in Malawi.
CHESSAM, is an affiliate of the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE), the
supreme governing body of Chess in the world and is an associate member of Malawi
Olympic Committee (MOC)

2.2. CHESSAM’s Headquarters shall be in Lilongwe with the following address: Chess
Association of Malawi, Private Bag 341, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.

2.3. CHESSAM shall exclusively be concerned with chess activities. CHESSAM is
democratically established and bases itself on principles of equal rights of its members. It
rejects discriminatory treatment for national, political, racial, social, religious or gender


1 To administer and regulate chess activities in Malawi through its affiliates –

2 To spread the educational benefits into Schools in a structured and focused way
Chess Association of Malawi Statutes 2010 Edition

3 To organize a variety of competitions for the youth and adults of all abilities and both

4 To organize training for players and select top players to represent Malawi in
international chess games.

5 To organize clinics for schools through its affiliated bodies.

6 To offer advice wherever possible to all affiliated bodies on matters of policy, administration and finance.

7 To issue the rules of chess and the provisions pertaining to the organization of the
national championships and all other competitions in the country.

8 To promote, develop and exercise disciplinary control of chess in accordance with the
laws of the game as published by FIDE.

9 To corraborate with the council and MOC on all matters affecting chess in the country.

10 To foster friendly relations with other National Chess Federations by promoting international chess games.

11 To execute and implement FIDE policies

12 To regulate principles for settling disputes and differences which may arise between or among affiliates and players

13 To develop the association’s programs and strategic plans


CHESSAM shall have powers to:

1. Receive money, gifts and donations of any kind from any quarter as beneficiaries or trustees.

2. Purchase, lease, rent or acquire any property – personal or otherwise connected with the objectives of CHESSAM.

3. Consider the minutes and decisions of FIDE
4. Borrow money with or without security or secured by mortgage or other security charged on assets of CHESSAM.

5. Invest in any kind of security, as the executive shall deem.

6. Sue and be sued in its own name.

7. Make rules and regulations and amend the same as and when it deems fit.

8. Review and amend the constitution as appropriate

9. dissolve a committee of any affiliated body, league, club


1 All chess leagues, shall be members of CHESSAM.

2 Any other bodies and persons may be admitted as members by the general assembly only.

3 Application for membership shall be in writing addressed to ‘The President.’

4 The provisional admittance is pronounced by the Executive Board. Final admittance is pronounced by the general assembly.

5 Membership shall include a registration fee that shall be reviewed by the Executive Board from time to time.

6 An applicant who has been granted membership shall be required to pay all the fees as may be required by CHESSAM from time to time.

7 Only registered members shall be eligible to compete in any of the competitions organized by CHESSAM – be it club championship or individual championship.

8 All registered members shall have membership cards processed by CHESSAM

9 All members shall be bound by the statutes, rules and regulations of CHESSAM.

10 A President, any member and any individual may be granted an Honorary Title for meritorious services rendered to CHESSAM by the assembly at an Annual General Meeting.

11 The executive committee and the AGM shall make nominations for such honorary positions.

12 All members have a seat and vote in the General Assembly and are authorized to scrutinize the financial management of CHESSAM.


Membership of CHESSAM Executive Board shall comprise of the following elected positions:

1. President

(a) Shall be the Chairperson of CHESSAM Board.
(b) Shall have the authority to make decisions on behalf of CHESSAM provided that such decisions (Contractual or other) are reported to the Board at the succeeding board meeting.
© Shall preside over all meetings of the association
(d) Shall be the principal executive in sourcing funds to run the affairs of the association
(e) Shall be the addressee of all official communication to the association
(f) Shall nominate team leaders to any competition either within or outside the country.
(g) Shall be the permanent delegate to FIDE congress
(h) A president shall have powers to nominate a maximum of three players to participate in any tournament

2. Vice President


(a) Shall preside over all meetings of the association when the
president is not available.
(b) Shall take the responsibilities of the president in an event that
the president is outside the country or in case of incapacitation
by the president.
(c) Shall be the director of all tournaments organized by CHESSAM vested with responsibility to set the annual
calendar, rules/regulations of the tournament, tournament venues and all related activities. (

d) Shall be the custodian of all chess equipment (Boards, Chess clocks and tournament record sheets) to be used during tournaments and belonging to CHESSAM

3. Secretary General


(a) Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association
(b) Shall take minutes at all meetings and distribute such minutes to all members present at such meetings
© Shall be responsible for soliciting and providing agendas for all meetings
(d) Shall be the custodian of all assets of the Association read together with 6.2(d) other than cash
(e) Shall receive and record all mail directed to the Association and direct all mail to the president for appropriate action e) Shall be responsible for notifying members and organising meetings for CHESSAM

4. Publicity Secretary


a) Shall be the spokesperson of the association on all constitutional issues upon consultation with the President.
b) Shall assist the Vice President in organizing and running of all tournaments organized by the association including provision of tournament rules and interpretation of the same
c) Shall assist the Secretary General in taking minutes during all board meetings including the AGM
d) He shall assume the office of the Secretary General in an event that the latter is incapacitated or is unable to run his office due to one cause or the other

5. Treasurer General
(a) Shall handle all the financial matters of the association including preparation of budgets and annual accounts.
(b) Shall be the principal signatory to the associations account.
© Shall prepare quarterly accounts and present the same to the Board during quarterly meetings.
(c) Shall be the principal advisor to the president on matters of Finance including looking for possible sponsorships.
(d) Shall be someone with working accounting knowledge

6. Executive members
There shall be four elected members. In an event that there are only members of the same sex in the executive, the President shall
have a sole discretion to appoint the fourth member who shall be of the opposite sex. The president may make such appointment immediately or report to the Board at its next meeting.

7. Ex-Officio members
The Chairperson of the league or his representative shall be an exofficio member to CHESSAM. He shall have right to vote


1 The executive Board of CHESSAM shall hold office for a period of four years
2 Only people that have not been convicted over the past 6 years for corrupt practices or any criminal offence shall be eligible to stand for elections.
3 Voting shall be by secret ballot
4 Voting by proxy shall not be allowed
5 A simple majority of the vote shall be required during:
- Amendments of the statutes
- Addition to agendas
- Election into office
6 Ten paid up members of their executive committee per league shall be eligible to vote in addition to the outgoing CHESSAM executive members. The latter shall not be allowed to vote if they have lived beyond their mandate as in article 8(2) read together with article7 (1)
7 All people voted into the CHESSAM executive must have a minimum qualification of Malawi School Certificate of Education.
8 Candidates aspiring for any post shall declare their interests in writing to Council and copy to the General secretary atleast 7 days prior to the AGM. They shall be seconded at the AGM for them to qualify for election. The Secretary General shall post the names of all aspirants on the door and inside the meeting room on the voting day.
10 In the event that some positions do not have aspirants, the members will be informed two days before elections day for additional nominations.
11 Members shall be allowed to withdraw and change their interest to contest on another position.
12 In the event that some positions are still vacant during the AGM, the presiding officer can give chance to the members to change or receive additional nominations
13 No candidate shall compete on more than one position
14 The term of office for any position shall be 4 years, and renewable for as long as the office bearer is interested. (open term).


1 The AGM shall be held not later than 31 August of each year.
2 The Secretary General shall give notice of the AGM atleast 28 calendar days prior to the date of the AGM stating the date, time, venue and agenda in writing to the affiliated leagues. He may also do so by placing the notice in at-least one of the popular daily newspapers at the time.
3 The agenda of the AGM shall be:
- President’s Welcome Address
- Minutes of the previous AGM
- Matters arising from the previous minutes
- President’s Report
- The Secretary General’s Report
- Treasurer General’s Report
- Election of new office bearers - only during elective AGMs
4 The Council shall be the presiding office during the General Assembly.
5 MOC shall be the principal observer during the General Assembly with powers to lead in the interpretation of articles of the statutes where necessary. Where the statutes are deemed ambiguous, an agreement on the interpretation in the GeneralAssembly shall be final.


1 The President may call for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) if it is so desired that the business demands so.
2 A notice of the EGM shall be placed in at least one of the popular daily newspapers 14 days prior to the date of the meeting


1 All meetings shall be called by the President. (revised 2010)
2 The President shall preside over all meetings
3 A quorum is formed when 60% of the members are present
4 A meeting shall be called to order when the quorum has been formed
5 All meetings must start at the specified times on the specified dates at the specified venue. When the president is not available, the vice president must call the meeting to order and handover the seat upon arrival of the former. When both the president and the vice president are late, the Board must elect one member to seat in and proceed with the business of the day as laid down on the agenda.
6 If the quorum fails to be fulfilled during an executive Board Meeting, the president shall have the liberty to act on behalf of the association without further consultations if he so desires. The quorum shall be deemed to have failed to be formed after all present have been called to their seats and have agreed that the quorum was not going to be formed.
7 The executive committee shall meet quarterly unless called for an extra – ordinary meeting.
8 There shall be no more than three extra – ordinary meetings in any one-year.
9 Voting during meetings where required shall be by show of hands unless agreed
10 The President shall have a casting vote in an event of a tie.
11 The executive committee shall fix the date and venue of the AGM and EGM..


1 CHESSAM shall maintain a bank account in the name of ‘CHESS ASSOCIATION
OF MALAWI’ for its ordinary business at a bank determined by the board
2 All withdrawals on the account shall be signed and countersigned by any
two of the following with all cheques bearing at least one signature of category A.
Category A: Treasurer
Category B: Secretary General
Vice President
3 The financial period for CHESSAM shall be from July to June ( 12 Months).
4 The budget and accounting will be based on the Malawi Kwacha.
5 Each year at the AGM the Treasurer General shall present the financial report for approval by the assembly.
6 Each year at the AGM the General Secretary’s report shall include a calendar of events for the succeeding year.

7 CHESSAM revenues shall be generated through :

a. Membership fees
b. Entry fees for tournaments
c. Fees for services provided by CHESSAM
d. Donations
e. Sponsorships
f. Subversions
g. Other revenues
8 The amount for membership and entry fees for tournaments shall be fixed by
Board members from time to time.
9 Members who have not paid their membership fees by the time the AGM is being
held, lose their vote and shall be charged 20% interest on their fee. The Board can
exclude those members from CHESSAM events.


1.0 For the accomplishment of certain tasks, the Board can set up a commission. They
can be created only if there is a good cause. The number of commissioners shall
be decided by the Board but may not exceed five in number.
2.0 The Chairman of the commission shall be appointed by the President, (save where
the issue concerns the president himself in which case the vice president shall)
while other members of the commission shall be elected by the Board.


1. The official CHESSAM language is English.
2. The present statutes can be changed by the General Assembly only upon proposal by the executive Board.
3. CHESSAM shall dissolve as soon as the number of members has been reduced to four (4). Moreover, CHESSAM can be dissolved by a decision of the general assembly if at-least two thirds of the voting members express themselves in favor of the dissolution.
4. In case of a dissolution by 13(3), the assembly shall decide on the way forward.
5. Disputes arising during a game or tournament shall be resolved in accordance with the rules of play in existence at the time and with the tournaments regulations.


1. The game and concept of Chess is based on the assumption that everyone involved observe existing rules and regulations and attaches the greatest importance to fair play and good sportsmanship

2. In most cases, common sense will tell the participants the standards of behavior that are required.

3 The code of ethics shall be breached by

(a) A person who directly or indirectly offers or attempts to offer or accepts any consideration or bribe with a view of influencing the result in a game of chess or election into CHESSAM.

(b) Fraud in administration of CHESSAM

(c) Cheating during games and tournaments

(d) Players withdrawing from a tournament without valid reasons or without informing the tournament organizers.

(e) Any conduct likely to injure or discredit the reputation of CHESSAM

4 The association may fine a player or any person in breach of the code of ethics. The fine so charged as determined by the association shall be final. During tournaments, the organizers may also forfeit a player’s game if the situation so demands. 5 Appeals against a decision taken by any official can be submitted to CHESSAM together with a deposit as defined in the financial regulation from time to time. The deposit will be returned should the appeal to all intents and purposes prove to be justified.

6 Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in this statute, CHESSAM subscribes to the final settlement of any dispute directly or indirectly related to Chess in its whole or partial practice, to be sent to ‘The National Sports Council of Malawi’ without recourse to any other court or tribunal.

7 For all practical purposes, chess is fully recognized as a sport by the MOC, and therefore any form of practice of the game of chess and any decision thereon by CHESSAM falls within the definition of the sport.


Any member of the Board may be removed from office for a cause upon receiving a report from a commission and given fair hearing, where cause is defined as being contrary to the spirit and text of the statutes and regulations of their office. The decision shall require the support of two thirds of the executive members in favor of the expulsion. The vacancy created by the expulsion shall be filled at the next AGM. The Board may in
the interim appoint any person in an acting capacity.


1.0 The Executive Committee, whose decisions shall be final, shall settle any matters not provided for under these statutes.

2.0 No member of CHESSAM shall be held personally liable for any act done in the exercise of his or her official duties. CHESSAM shall indemnify any of its members or officials for any liability that may arise in the course of performance of their duties.

3.0 In an event of dissolution of CHESSAM, its funds and Assets shall not be distributed but shall be deposited with the Council for safe keeping with proper handover notes prepared by the latest President until the re-establishment of CHESSAM.


These statutes were reviewed and adopted by CHESAM Annual General Meeting held on the 3rd day of June in the year 2010 at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe. Signed by the President and the Secretary General.

Signed: Kezzie Msukwa Signed: Leonard Sharra
President (2004/7, 2007/10,2010/14) Secretary General (2004/7, 2007/10, 2010/14)
Executive Board Members : Mark Chikoko Vice President
Joseph Chalemba – Treasurer
Gilton Mkumbwa – Publicity Secretary
Ackim Mwale – Honorally Vice President
Loyce Kapila – Member
Ulemu Chiluzi – Member
Kondwani Nyirenda – Ex-Officio
Wesley Mankhomwa – Ex-Officio

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